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My role in the restructuring process can be summarized as: helping owners, management boards, supervisory boards and investors to chart their course into the future. I have of­ten found it especially rewarding to work on behalf of promi­nent enterprises and market leaders whose executive man­agement has come under special public scrutiny in connec­tion with various crises. This area is where dialogue and clear decisions relating to the internal and public roles of the executive management and the CRO are helpful.


  • 25 years of international experience in various finance functions
  • 15 years of management experience, including global business responsibility
  • 5 years as an independent interim restructurer in various markets around the world
  • Extensive experience as a crisis manager integrated in existing management structures - wi
  • Assignments as crisis supervisory board member in subsidiaries and joint ventures
  • Experience in the restructuring of global holdings and the integration and separation of b
  • Negotiating partner for settlement talks, severance arrangements and company succession pl