Welcome on the DDIM-Website of Holger Wetzenstein-Ollenschlaeger!

Entrepreneurial executive with 25 years of strong performance in automotive industry, banks, captive finance and leasing. Member of Boards of Management and a Supervisory Board.

Pragmatic work approach. Experienced in change processes and digitalisation, restructuring of departments, establishing of shared functions, achieving planned targets and leading teams.


  • Developed and implemented KPI systems, reporting
  • Implemented Contract Management Systems during ongoing operations
  • New acquisitions, growth as well as crisis management, restructuring of credit portfolios
  • Implementation/exec. of risk management systems, internal controls, compliance functions
  • Implementation of Shared Services, Outsourcing of processes based on SLAs
  • Consolidation of departments/functions, reduction of redundant functions
  • Developed and implemented cost saving programs