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You are considering a business expansion outside of Germany,
you need to set up an international business development and sales organisation,
you need to settle a dispute with a foreign business partner ?
You are involved in a large scale project and want to reduce the risk of cost overrun, schedule slip and quality drop ?
Then you might consider to involve Dietmar Breuer as an advisor or even interim manager.
Mr. Dietmar Breuer grown up in western Germany has been for his entire professional career involved in large scale international projects in the environmental and power sector.
As an employee of reputed German plant construction companies, he was assigned to manage complex projects abroad reaching from few 100.000 Euro up to 7 bio. Euro size. He started as Project Manager and made his way to the Management board with full range of responsibilities in business development, M&A and operation management and having developed branch offices and local companies as well as projects from scratch. He got confronted with the situation of exotic environment and different cultures as well as in complex contractual and technical projects.
Project experience was gained in various countries including Mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, India, Turkey, South Africa, Columbia, Egypt, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Katar, Austria, Italy. While his roots are definitely in Germany he spend part of his life in Thailand (2y), Taiwan (5y), Singapore (6y), and South Africa (6y).
During the period of 2013 until 2019 he served as executive manager for the largest Mega Project in the Power Plant sector which was at that time 6 years late and suffered severe blockages in technical and quality aspects. As Chief Technology Officer, later taking over the duties of the Chief Operation Officer as well he contributed to the completion of the project against all odds.
For his whole career he kept an interest in the challenges of management of different cultures, complex projects, aspects of problem solving and Megaproject management, his contacts to people the business know him for constantly asking the questions of best practice and Lessons Learned.
With the tough lessons learned Mr. Breuer is now available as interim manager for companies or projects wherever there is a real challenge on important aspects to warrant success (or limit losses) in contractual and technical complex situations. This includes short term assignments in foreign companies as well as dispute settlement support.
Furthermore he made a name in conflict settlement ability for companies in their international subsidiaries and with foreign partnership relationship issues.


  • Megaproject Management
  • international Business Development