Welcome on the DDIM-Website of Olaf Hiller!

Do you have any challenges in your R&D which are beyond the mere technical ones?

Based on 20+ years of experience in automotive and energy machine development in responsible positions I would very much like to help you with them.

My core strengths lie in leadership, innovation, methodology, strategy and restructuring in R&D. Extensive experience in management of global R&D projects and cooperations based on strong intercultural skills are adding to these core strengths.


  • Establishment and lead of a technical center in Japan including testbeds and 60 staff
  • Restructuring of a development division with 100+ employees
  • Lead of a test lab for powertrain development
  • Lead of a design department for powertrain and energy machines
  • Establishment of an advanced development team for energy machines
  • Project manager for global engine development projects