Welcome on the DDIM-Website of Dr. Georg Reinhold!

For more than 25 years I am working in global Machinery & Plant Engineering Industry. I have successfully led companies with urgent need for change. Through the course of these years & experience I have identified pattern causing difficult economic situations - and above all, ways & levers to lead them out of the situation again.
I'd like to share this experience in order to identify critical situations as early as possible and to transform to more economic resilience - quickly & successfully!


  • Leadership & Management on C-Level or Executive Position during Transformation
  • Customized Machinery and Plant Engineering as Supplier to the Process Industry
  • Improvement of the positioning in the market and vs. competition
  • Increasing operational Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • Innovation management to bring more Customer Value in shorter Time-to-Market
  • Organizational Developmnt: Expans., Re-org., Downsizing, Leadership Developmnt& Profiling
  • Financial excellence to ensure going concern and enable business growth