Interim- and reference projects

11/2007-01/2008 Interim Manager accounting receivables
Leading manufacturer of cleaning products and consumer goods, NRW/Germany

Number of member responsibility: 5
Management of accounting receivables. Process Support SAP changeover and remedy of data errors out of IDE.
02/2008-04/2008 Interimmanager Finance Analyst
Real estate leasing company, NRW/Germany

Temporary support in the execution of the financial statements and preparation of the financial statements for the annual audit of the respective purposeful companies.
05/2008-03/2009 Interim Finance-Analyst
International producer of cutting tools and door closing systems, NRW/Germany

Number of member responsibility: 3
Temporary support in operational financial and accounting. Further development of the central reporting system and the process of IC-reconciliation.
04/2009-05/2010 Interim ManagerAccounting Payables/Finance
International automotive supplier of plastic parts, NRW/Germany

Number of member responsibility: 3
Carrying out of current accounting and monthly financial statements according to HGB. Preparation of the monthly reports and process support Accounting integration into the existing organization. Weekly monitoring of the payment approval process.
07/2010-08/2010 Interim Management/Consulting
Fulfilment service rovider, Hamburg/Germany

Project organizational support of the main project leader "Organization and Processes" for the establishment of a project master plan and analysis of implementation parameters.
11/2010-12/2010 Consultant Master data accounting
International logistic service provider, NRW/Germany

Analysis, evaluation and correction of national and international accounts payable and receivable master data in SAP / R3.
02/2011-04/2011 Consultant accounts receivables
Producer of electrical strips for transformers, NRW/Germany

Temporary support, analysis and evaluation of faulty processes in the area of invoice verification and SAP workflow.
05/2011-06/2012 Interim Manager Finance Accounting
International producer of technology metals, Niedersachsen/Germany

Ensuring account management for the individual companies as well as project-specific participation in the reorganization of accounting for IPO preparation. Documentation for handing over to subsequent stakeholders.
06/2012-04/2013 Interim Manager Controlling and Reporting
International producer of spring systems for the commercial vehicle industry, NRW/Germany

Ensure strategic planning and monthly reporting to the parent company after leaving the position.
05/2013-08/2014 Interim Manager Head of accounting
International producer of blood meal for the pharmaceutical industry, Niedersachsen/Germany

Number of member responsibility: 23
Ensuring the management of the departments of accounting and billing as well as operational support in a sales phase (due diligence) and reorganization.
10/2014-06/2015 Interim manager/consultant accounting
International producer of ignition and glow plugs for the automotive industry, NRW/Germany

Temporary support for the conversion of the ERP software to SAP / R3 as well as ensuring the final work.
07/2015-06/2016 Interim manager/consultant general ledger project "one2two"
Energy producer and network supplier, Bavaria/NRW/Germany

Balance accounting support for a segregation of the energy generation divisions of water, coal and gas into a new independent company.
07/2016-04/2017 Interim manager head of accounting
Private equity group, NRW/Hesse/Germany

Number of member responsibility: 26
Ensuring the management of the accounting department at various locations in Germany as well as the integration of new companies into the existing shared service organization.
04/2017-06/2017 Consultant accounting
National collection company, NRW/Germany

Temporary bridging of a vacancy for the analysis and processing of mass data from AS 400 and SAP.
08/2017-04/2018 Interim Manager Accounting General-Ledger
International meat producer, Niedersachsen/Germany

Assumption and transfer of all tasks for the accounting support of a subsidiary of the group after realignment.
05/2018-09/2018 Interim Accountant and Consultant
Automotive supplier of plastic parts, Thuringia/Germany

Structural adjustment of the accounting organization as well as analysis for process optimization of the receivables management of the subsidiary.
09/2018-11/2018 Accountant and consultant
International mail service provider, NRW/Germany

Support for the sub-companies in preparing the annual financial statements for 2016 and 2017 as well as setting up an electronic filing structure.
11/2018-09/2019 Head of Accounting
international car park manager, Baden-Wuerttemberg/Germany

Number of member responsibility: 23
Technical and disciplinary management of the general and secondary accounting as well as the leasing department as part of the annual financial statements and support of various sub-projects up to the filling of the vacant position.
10/2019-03/2020 Finance analyst and consultant
Automotive supplier of trailer couplings and carrier systems, NRW/Germany

Technical support for process optimization when converting to SAP New GL, carrying out SOX controls and operational support for the head of accounting.