Professional Career

03/2019-05/2021 Finance Director and head of HR
MAT Foundries Europe GmbH, Ueckermünde, Germany

Number of member responsibility: 8
• monthly stock take
• check of customer deductions
• invoicing of toolings
• set up of accounting, controlling, HR team
• clearification of accounts
• check of production scrap
• cash planning
• union and works council
• downsizing of staff
• SAP improvements
• BAFA energy subsidies
09/2014-04/2019 Commercial Managing Director
A-Kaiser GmbH, Aicha vorm Wald, Germany

Number of member responsibility: 650
• set up of a finance organisation
• set up of a sales organisation
• set up of purchase and supply chain organisation
• set up of industrial engineering
• set up of product costing
• set up of a profit center analysis
• set up of monthly budget comparison
• cost control meetings with production managers
• IATF 16949 quality certification
• sale of the entity
04/2014-07/2014 Interim Finance Project Manager
Norgren GmbH , Stuttgart-Fellbach, Germany

• reporting standardization of three entities/ production sites in Germany and one site in Slovakia (in total €330M revenues) following the requirements of the
English group
• visualisation of deviations to standard costs on a monthly basis
• reasons for deviations, recommendations of countermeasures
08/2008-09/2013 Cpmmercial Managing Director
Metzeler Schaum GmbH, Memmingen, Germany

Number of member responsibility: 350
Commercial Managing Director of Metzeler Schaum GmbH for procurement, accounting, con-trolling, IT and Managing Director of British Vita (Germany) GmbH, the finance hold-ing of Vita in Germany with in total €180M of revenues (German group cash man-agement, German consolidated accounting).
11/2004-05/2008 Director finance and head of HR (confidential clerk)
HEKUMA GmbH, Munich-Eching

Number of member responsibility: 9
• IFRS accounting
• simultaneous costing for machine engineering projects
• staff development (individual targets)
• improvement of the ERP system
• risk management
• claim management
• process improvements in project management
• negotiations with banks
• communication to the stock exchange
11/2002-09/2004 Director administration and finance (confidential clerk),
Bel Deutschland GmbH, Munich-Taufkirchen, Germany

Number of member responsibility: 20
• merger of two entities after acquisition
- IT integration
- integration of accounting and controlling
- harmonisation of the rebate system towards the German retailers
- negotiation of social plan with the works council and the trade union
- integration of staff
• yearend financial statement 2002 and 2003
• communication oral and written in French language
04/1998-10/2002 Director administration and finance of the works division (confidential clerk)
DYWIDAG, works division, Munich, Germany

Number of member responsibility: 8
• creation of a centralized accounting and controlling office for the business unit
• creation of a centralized payroll office
• project manager of SAP implementation in four production sites
• instructor for construction law (VOB, BGB)
• implementation of risk management
• shut down of two factories (redundancy plan)
• disposal of the business unit (international M+A project)
03/1996-03/1998 Manager Finance and Administration, confidential clerk

Number of member responsibility: 4
• creation of a finance organisation (accounting, project controlling, treasury)
• yearend financial statement
• costing and legal support when placing offers to customers
• placement of work packages to subcontractors (construction work, engineering
02/1994-08/1994 Project manager in an M + A department
Bilfinger + Berger Bau AG, Mannheim, Germany

• Project manager for evaluation of potential M+A targets on international level
• ROI calculations for major investment projects (BOT; build, operate and transfer)
10/2021-02/2022 Head of Groupe Finance + Controlling
Construction group, close to Passau, lower Bavaria

Number of member responsibility: 400
• Accounting, group accounting and controlling of a construction group with around
23 legal entities
• Monthly consolidated group accounting with LucaNet
• Evaluation of unfinished construction projects
• Annual group budgeting
• Cash planning and monitoring
• Financial reporting to the banks
• Leading 14 employees in 3 groups