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Putting words into action, moving forward with purpose. Never losing sight of the strategy, always keeping an eye on the customers' needs, on the goals and motivations of all stakeholders, seeing the organisation as a whole, and thereby engaging the management team and the employees - that's me, that's how I approach issues and implement them consequently.
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  • Stable and resilient basis: Experience, expertise, international network
  • Vision: Strategist, networker, advisor, sparringpartner. supervisor, mediator, coach
  • Empathy and communication: Sensitivity for people, cause, goal and situation
  • Personal leadership requirements: Entrepreneural acting, value-based leadership
  • Commitment and resilience: Being a role model, acting goal-oriented, taking decisions
  • Internationality: Acctive at regional, national, European and international levels
  • Conflict management: Resolving conflicts, balancing interests, mdoerating points of view