Welcome on the DDIM-Website of Wilhelm Wiese!

With my clients, I develop Industry 4.0 solutions with focus on the end customer of the solution. In this way, new market shares can be gained, and the existing business can be optimized. As interim executive, I deliver the strategy and I am leading its implementation.

I am an international senior manager with board experience in India, a track record as Industry 4.0 innovator and I am holding a variety of patents.


  • Expertise in CxO roles combined with intercultural social intelligence
  • Customer-centric entrepreneurial creativity to open up new markets
  • Technical and functional expertise to apply latest technologies
  • Operational expertise for holistic implementations along the value chain
  • In-depth knowledge of Asian culture
  • Resilient network with CxO colleagues from many international companies
  • Senior Startup Advisor in Business Development Industry 4.0