Professional Career

01/1979-10/1980 Scientific Assistant
KfK GmbH, Karsruhe / Germany

Number of member responsibility: 2
Preparation of PhD Thesis, Support of the Transuranium element Research of the EU Joint Research Centers and the Institute of Radiochemistry
12/1982-06/1990 Leader R&D Process Engineering
NUKEM GmbH, Hanau / Germany

Number of member responsibility: 10
Development of solidification processes and systems
Sales Support globally
Start-up of plants
Representative in global working Groups
07/1990-10/1993 Senior Technical Specialist
ENSR C&E (NUKEM affiliate), Houston, TX, USA

Number of member responsibility: 3
Projects Management for environmental consulting, conceptual design and management of different environmental engineering projects (wastewater treatment, site remediation, waste treatment, deep underground disposal of hazardous waste)
10/1993-06/1998 Leader Business Development - Environmental Technology
NUKEM GmbH, Alzenau, Germany

Number of member responsibility: 2
Implementation of US based projects and methodology to the European markets
Inside sales Management
Prepared and negotiated multimillion-$ BOO/BOT Projects
06/1998-12/2000 Executive Technical Manager
Alon Surface Technologies, Inc., Tarentum, PA, USA (Greater Pittsburgh)

Number of member responsibility: 60
Initiated new processing technology for the improvement of production capacity, efficiency and work safety, established an efficient project management
Extended the scope of products and improved technical basis
Established new quality control system acc. to ISO 9000
return to profitability
09/2000-06/2012 Director of Technical Marketing / Sales / Business Development
Schmidt + Clemens GmbH + Co. KG, Lindlar, Germany

Number of member responsibility: 20
Implementation of new products to the global petrochemical and refinery markets
Implementation of global sales structure for the Company Group (Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Brazil, Malaysia, USA)
Patent Management, Change Management, Contract Management
Foundation of JVs in Saudi Arabia and UAE
7/2012-04/2016 Leader Energy Processes Europe
Watlow GmbH, Kronau / Germany

Number of member responsibility: 10
Building up and Leading the European Business Unit "Energy Processes"
Built a highly qualified sales and project team, introduced project driven work procedures
Achieved significant sales increase in a predator market environment
04/2016 Independent Industrial Consultant
BGIC - Benno Ganser Industrial Consulting, Mainz - Germany

Number of member responsibility: 1
Independent Industrial Consultant for all aspects of the customer value chain in the petrochemical, oil & gas and energy markets
Positioning of new products and technical Marketing, Business development, market analysis, business plans, company analysis, strategic planning, sales and sales structuring