Welcome on the DDIM-Website of Dipl.Betr.Oekonom Ulvi I. AYDIN!

Very successful specialist for sales & marketing!

International background.
15 years extensive experience as IM / CEO, CSO, GM, MD, CRO.
Branded goods, trade, establishment and management of national and international branches / subsidiaries.
Reorganization sales - back office and filed force
Increase efficiency sales and product management.
Turnaround specialist.
Sales & Marketing experience in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore.


  • IM CEO restructuring, Increase efficiency in sales and product management
  • IM CSO Subsidiary international Holding
  • IM Toy Company
  • IM CSO China / Well Laid Table Co.
  • IM Director International Sales Writing Instruments
  • IM CEO Home Accessories