Interim- and reference projects

Global press relations and public relations for the 728 family
Increasing media contacts (business press)
Agency management
Project management for the rollout
Strategy development, concept, text
Development and realization customer magazine (English)
Managing Editor
Annual Press Briefing 2002
Annual report 2002
Project management
Concept, text
Re-launch internet
Setup intranet
Press relations
Development and realization diverse e-learning-tools
Agency management
Consultant Internal Communications
Strategy development, concept, text
Number of member responsibility: 2
Reorganization external communications
Agency management, budget responsibility
Project Manager trade shows
Project member Employees Summer Festival
Strategy development, concepts, texts
Consulting Improving Cooperation
Analysis of the communication behavior
Preparation, moderation and evaluation employee attitude survey
Spokesperson Tech Data Germany
Adapting the global communications to Germany
Increasing media contacts (technical and business press)
External communications Tech Data Europe, Central Region
External communications Azlan D, A, CH
Crisis communication, issue management
Arrangement and conducting of press conferences and interviews
Media monitoring
Marketing-Communication for special campaigns
Re-launch customer magazine
Communicational supervision of a wide change process, concerning the company-wide product data management, approx. 70000 persons concerned
Consulting, strategy development, concepts, text
2010-2011 Issue Management
European Patent Office, Germany

Strategy development, concept, text, operative support
"Broccoli Case", "Tomato Case", "hES Patents"
Care of media relations "Annual Meeting Chinese Patent Office"
2011-2011 project management
European Patent Office, Germany

Media and press for the European Inventor Award 2011
Strategy development, conceptions, texts
Development of media contacts
Increasing news coverage
Social Media
Agency management
2011-2012 Consultant, tutor
European Patent Academy, Germany

Consulting "Professionalizing Customer Communications"
Preparation, moderation and wrap-up workshop
Project manager for the creative concept
Coordinator of the four subprojects
Reporting to board member and steering committee
Agency management, budget responsibility
2013-2013 Compliance consultant
Communications of product compliance and legal compliance in the context of the company's strategy.
Editorial content für an internal magazine.
2014-2017 Senior Media Relations Officer
External communications for the business units CLB, LLS and Innoventures (Lightify, smart home, Internet of Things).
2016-2017 Senior Media Relations Officer EMEA

Building successful Media Relations (EMEA), company presentation, agency management, onboarding and supporting the permanent spokesperson