Welcome on the DDIM-Website of Michael Enste!

My agenda is to develop and advance companies, making them successful. My focus is on Empowerment and Discovering a New Path. I think strategically and proceed operationally as a prudent problem-solver.

Teamwork brings about lasting company success - as a strong leader with a transformational leadership style, I set the direction, picking up the staff and taking the path to the goal together.


  • Executive Interim Manager as CEO/CRO - Problem-Solver and Winning Genuine Leader
  • General management with focus on restructuirng and transformation
  • Business Development and Optimization
  • Expert in sales, marketing strategy and product marketing
  • Expert in operations, project management and process optimization
  • Strong expierences in machine and equipment manufactruing, machine tooling industry
  • Strong expierences in construction, mining and tunneling equipment, textile manuf. equipm.