Welcome on the DDIM-Website of Dr. Can Abay!

Dr. C. Abay is building productive bridges between expectations on market and feasible technology. Especially between Europe and Turkey. Examples are MAN AG - a DAX30 company -, as well as Krone GmbH.

He succeeds in field of commercial vehicles with optimization and restructuring projects.

Due to methodical determination of fitting strategies, investments are optimized. Vast experience in management and consultancy qualifying him for establishment of JV's, factories/reallocations or M&A.


  • General Management - Establishing technical structures
  • Change Management and Restructuring, Bankruptcy Administration
  • Strategical planning and Realisation
  • Optimization and automation
  • Enhancement and Reallocation from assembly / production units
  • Joint Ventures and M&A
  • (Digital) Factory planning and establishment (Green-/Brownfield)