Interim- and reference projects

2001-2002 Interimsmanager
energy business, trading with electricity and gas, sales to industrial customers, Germany

Development and implementation of all economic structures (e.g. controlling, planning, accounting) and all other economic topics in a new company for trading (otc and eex) and sales to big customers of electricity. The company was a fusion of activities of three big public energy companies
2002-2004 Interimsmanager
shipyard, Croatia / Switzerland

Optimization of the reporting and development and implementation of a con-trolling system. Twice balancing of the company within a sales subsidiary in Switzerland. Preparation of a total sale of shares and change of ownership. Development and Implementation of a change of lenders structure
2005-2006 Interimsmanager
Real Estate, Germany

Number of member responsibility: 100
Development of economic structures and operational organization of the daily business during the construction phase and the operational phase of a big retail property. Managing director responsible for all economic issues.
2006-2006 coach
Service Facilita Management, Vienna, Austria

Number of member responsibility: 500
Induction and coaching of a new managing director in a service company. Interim Manager for all economic issues e.g. for balancing, controlling, financ-ing and cash management.
2007-2007 Interimsmanager
Real Estate

Developing and implementation of post merger activites for the units purchas-ing, financing, administration, sales of two fusioned companies in the real es-tate business.
12/2007-12/2011 Interim Manager and coach
energy business, Germany

Number of member responsibility: 10 - 50
Development and implementation of processes for customers which are changing their supplier. Coaching of Managers, Leading various Teams with urgent problematic tasks (e.g. backlogs, undefined interfaces) for the grid role and the sales market role, various otimizing projects
03/2012-06/2012 Interimsmanger and Coach
Energy supplier grid

Number of member responsibility: 30
Optimization of Clearing processes
08/2012-12/2012 Coaching the managing director and business process engineering
energy trading and wholesale, Nehterlands

Coaching of the managing director, Development and implementation of billing process for mass data
02/2013-10/2014 Interimsmanger und Coach
Offshore Windfarm Project Northsea, Germany

Support and coaching of the managing directors of an offshore wind farm project during the erection in all economic questions (e.g. budgeting, controlling, contracts, variations, claims, financing, auditing) as well as inter-face to all technical problems with a commercial impact
08/2015-06/2016 Process Engineer
Energy Sales Corp., Germany

Process Engineer for all account processes for customers as well as grid operators
07/2016-02/2018 Commercial Manager
Renewable Energy Holding, Germany

Commercial Manager of two Holdings with 45 investments
06/2018-05/2019 Teammanager Risc-, Claim and Warranty Management
Transmission Service Operator, Gemany

Number of member responsibility: 35
Teammanager Risc-, Claim- and Warranty Management for On- and Offshore Large Projects in a matrix organisation - TSO
05/2020-02/2021 Head of Central Contract Management
Large Project Onshore / Service for Transmission System Operators, Germany

Number of member responsibility: 10
Personnel responsibility for 10 employees incl. recruiting, hiring and training
Technical management of customer contracts, contracts with strategic partners and drafting of legal opinions and official letters
Negotiations with customers (two TSO´s as clients) and all strategic subcontractors
Content-related and procedural coordination / arrangements with all parties involved
Substitute of the Head of Commercial Project Management