Professional Career

1989-1993 Logistic Manager
Ebert AG, Germany

Number of member responsibility: 25
Head of Purchasing for Polyethlene(PE),Polypropylene(PP)
and Polyamid(PA), Purchasing of granules, reduction
of production scrap, Outsourcing
1993-1997 Supply Chain Manager
ARJO, germany/ Sweden

Number of member responsibility: 30
disposition of the devices wiht factories in Aurora(CN), Eslöv Växjö(S) and Gloucester (UK)
Builing of Integrated logistics
Supply Chain Managment
1998-2002 Logistic Manager Central Europe
PCC, Germany / UK

Number of member responsibility: 150
Responsible for Supply Chain of 7 countries
Global Sourcing
Purchasing in LCC
Outsourcing of Casting parts to Eastern Europe
1973-1987 Logistic Officer of the army
German Army, Germany, Canada

Number of member responsibility: 150
Experiences in military logistics
Purchasing of supplies and amunition
Purchasing of spare parts and food supply
1988-1988 Business Consultant
MAN Technology, Munich

Number of member responsibility: 3
Project Manager of a "logistic project"
Conception, Potential analysis,new Logistic concept
for Aviation and space technology,Electronic and system technique