Interim- and reference projects

08/2020-12/2020 Operations Manager
Marmon Foodservice Technologies / Berkshire Hathaway, Germany

Number of member responsibility: 100
Production management as well as consulting and pragmatic support for the production transfer to Eastern Europe.
05/2020-08/2020 Consultant
Mall + Herlan GmbH

Planning technical infrastructure for two can- and tube-factories located in North Africa.
4/2019-3/2020 Interim Manager
Mall + Herlan GmbH, Texas, USA

Ensuring the start-up of the world's first production line for monoblock steel cans and support for the Texan operator in the area of factory organization and quality issues.
Acceptance (run & rate) took place in December 2019.
10/2021-12/2021 Head of Production, Projektmanager
Startup operating in the field of digitizing and printing, G-Bavaria

Number of member responsibility: 45
Production responsibility of the Christmas Business for a young business unit. Increasing delivery performance and reduce of backlogs through standardization and qualification.
Output more than doubled due to changes in responsibilities and bringing additional machines on stream.
01/2022 Consulting and project management
Hydraulic drive manufacturer, G-Hesse

Factory structure planning and production control optimization